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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Eclipse – 371 Eclipse shortcuts – 1 - 50

Category Descriptions Shortcuts When
Navigate Go to Line Ctrl+L Editing Text
Source Add Javadoc Comment Alt+Shift+J In Windows
Edit Undo Ctrl+Z In Dialogs and Windows
Navigate Open Declaration F3 JavaScript View
Source Quick Assist - Assign to local variable Ctrl+2, L Editing Java Source
Task Open Selected Task Ctrl+Enter In Tasks View
Terminal view commands Terminal view insert Alt+P Terminal widget context
Run/Debug Run to Line Ctrl+R Debugging
Run/Debug Force Return Alt+Shift+F In Windows
Task Make Landmark Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up In Windows
ASA 9.x table schema editor Cut Alt+X In Windows
Run/Debug Debug on Server Alt+Shift+D, R In Windows
Source Show Source Quick Menu Alt+Shift+S JavaScript View
Run/Debug Next Memory Monitor Ctrl+Alt+N In Memory View
Edit Add Maven Plugin Ctrl+Shift+P Editing XML Source
Text Editing Line End End Editing Text
Edit Restore Last Selection Alt+Shift+Down Editing JavaScript Source
File Close All Ctrl+Shift+W In Windows
Source Quick Assist - Assign to local variable Ctrl+2, L Editing JavaScript Source
Source Indent Line Ctrl+I Editing JavaScript Source
Text Editing Reset Structure Ctrl+Shift+Numpad_Multiply Editing Text
Database Tools Run Ctrl+Alt+R Editing SQL
JavaScript Debug Open Source Ctrl+Shift+3 Debugging
Text Editing Delete Next Word Ctrl+Delete Editing Text
Run/Debug Run Eclipse Application Alt+Shift+X, E In Windows
Run/Debug Display Ctrl+Shift+D In Dialogs and Windows
Run/Debug Run Java Application Alt+Shift+X, J In Windows
Search Declaration in Workspace Ctrl+G JavaScript View
File Close Ctrl+F4 In Windows
Edit Incremental Find Reverse Ctrl+Shift+J Editing Text
Text Editing Toggle Overwrite Insert Editing Text
Navigate Open Remote Task Ctrl+Alt+Shift+F12 In Windows
Edit Toggle Block Selection Alt+Shift+A Editing Text
Text Editing Duplicate Lines Ctrl+Alt+Up Editing Text
Navigate Open Spring Bean Alt+Shift+B In Windows
Source Remove Occurrence Annotations Alt+Shift+U Editing JavaScript Source
Edit Format Ctrl+Shift+F Editing in Structured Text Editors
Source Remove Occurrence Annotations Alt+Shift+U Editing Java Source
Source Toggle Comment Ctrl+Shift+C Editing Java Source
Text Editing Insert Line Above Current Line Ctrl+Shift+Enter Editing Text
Source Add Import Ctrl+Shift+M Editing JavaScript Source
Edit Find Previous Ctrl+Shift+K Editing Text
Task New Subtask Shift+Insert In Tasks View
Text Editing Insert Line Below Current Line Shift+Enter Editing Text
Edit Find and Replace Ctrl+F In Windows
Text Editing Join Lines Ctrl+Alt+J Editing Text
Search Open Search Dialog Ctrl+H In Windows
Run/Debug Step Over F6 Debugging
Server Publish Ctrl+Alt+P In Servers View
Search Show Occurrences in File Quick Menu Ctrl+Shift+U JavaScript View
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