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Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Eclipse – 371 Eclipse shortcuts 151 - 200

Category Descriptions Shortcuts When
Text Editing Previous Word Ctrl+Left Editing Text
Source Toggle Ant Mark Occurrences Alt+Shift+O Editing Ant Buildfiles
Navigate Open Attached Javadoc Shift+F2 In Windows
ASA 9.x table schema editor Paste Alt+V In Windows
Edit Word Completion Alt+/ Editing Text
Navigate Open Maven POM Alt+Shift+P In Windows
Navigate Previous Page Alt+Shift+F7 In Windows
WikiText Markup Editing Commands Display Cheat Sheet F1 WikiText Markup Source Context
Navigate Go to Next Member Ctrl+Shift+Down Editing Java Source
Source Add Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+/ Editing JavaScript Source
Manifest Editor Source Format Source Ctrl+Shift+F PDE editor
Task Mark Task Incomplete Alt+Shift+I In Tasks Editor
Source Toggle Comment Ctrl+7 Editing Java Source
Run/Debug All Instances Ctrl+Shift+N In Windows
Server Debug Ctrl+Alt+D In Servers View
EMF Code Generation Generate Code Alt+Shift+G In Windows
JavaScript Debug Evaluate Alt+Shift+E Editing JavaScript Source
Source Remove Block Comment Ctrl+Shift+\ Editing Java Source
Task Mark Task Complete Alt+Shift+C In Tasks View
Edit Paste Shift+Insert In Dialogs and Windows
Task Mark Task Unread Alt+Shift+U In Tasks Editor
Web Page Editor Layout Graphical Designer Ctrl+Shift+F11 Using Web Page Editor
Text Editing Scroll Line Up Ctrl+Up Editing Text
Run/Debug EOF Ctrl+Z In I/O Console
Web Page Editor Layout Horizontal Layout Ctrl+Shift+F10 Using Web Page Editor
Navigate Matching Bracket Ctrl+Shift+P Editing in Structured Text Editors
File Save All Ctrl+Shift+S In Windows
Task Mark Task Complete Alt+Shift+C In Tasks Editor
Task Make Less Interesting Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down In Windows
Terminal view commands Terminal view insert Alt+F Terminal widget context
Run/Debug Use Step Filters Shift+F5 In Windows
Navigate Quick Hierarchy Ctrl+T Editing JavaScript Source
Navigate Go to Matching Bracket Ctrl+Shift+P Editing JavaScript Source
Views Show View (Type Hierarchy) Alt+Shift+Q, T In Windows
Source Quick Assist - Assign to var Ctrl+2, F Editing JavaScript Source
Text Editing Toggle Folding Ctrl+Numpad_Divide Editing Text
Source Toggle Mark Occurrences Alt+Shift+O Editing Java Source
Source Format Ctrl+Shift+F Editing Ant Buildfiles
Run/Debug Inspect Ctrl+Shift+I In Dialogs and Windows
Run/Debug Debug OSGi Framework Alt+Shift+D, O In Windows
Source Toggle Comment Ctrl+/ Editing JavaScript Source
Edit Select Next Element Alt+Shift+Right Editing Java Source
Database Tools Execute Current Text Alt+S Editing SQL
Task Quick Outline Ctrl+O In Tasks Editor
Source Organize Imports Ctrl+Shift+O In Windows
Source Toggle Comment Ctrl+/ Editing Java Source
SQL Results View Terminate Result Ctrl+Break In Windows
Edit Context Information Ctrl+Shift+Space In Dialogs and Windows
Window Next Editor Ctrl+F6 In Windows
Edit Select Previous Element Alt+Shift+Left Editing JavaScript Source
Annamalai Thangaraj

Annamalai is a Sr.Software Engineer with 3+ years experience in Java, Spring, Struts, Hibernate, IDM/IAM, and Enterprise Web Application Development.

Website: Java Tutorials Corner

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