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Saturday, 1 February 2014

IntelliJ IDEA keyboard Shortcuts - 1

In this tutorial we are going to see the IntelliJ IDEA keyboard shortcuts for edit .
Ctrl + Space Basic code completion (the name of any class, method or variable)
Ctrl + Shift + Space Smart code completion (filters the list of methods
and variables by expected type)
Ctrl + Shift + Enter Complete statement
Ctrl + P Parameter info (within method call arguments)
Ctrl + Q Quick documentation lookup
Shift + F1 External Doc
Ctrl + mouse over code Brief Info
Ctrl + F1 Show descriptions of error or warning at caret
Alt + Insert Generate code... (Getters, Setters, Constructors,
hashCode/equals, toString)
Ctrl + O Override methods
Ctrl + I Implement methods
Ctrl + Alt + T Surround with… (if..else, try..catch, for, synchronized, etc.)
Ctrl + / Comment/uncomment with line comment
Ctrl + Shift + / Comment/uncomment with block comment
Ctrl + W Select successively increasing code blocks
Ctrl + Shift + W Decrease current selection to previous state
Alt + Q Context info
Alt + Enter Show intention actions and quick-fixes
Ctrl + Alt + L Reformat code
Ctrl + Alt + O Optimize imports
Ctrl + Alt + I Auto-indent line(s)
Tab / Shift + Tab Indent/unindent selected lines
Ctrl + X or Shift + Delete Cut current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl + C or Ctrl + Insert Copy current line or selected block to clipboard
Ctrl + V or Shift + Insert Paste from clipboard
Ctrl + Shift + V Paste from recent buffers
Ctrl + D Duplicate current line or selected block
Ctrl + Y Delete line at caret
Ctrl + Shift + J Smart line join
Ctrl + Enter Smart line split
Shift + Enter Start new line
Ctrl + Shift + U Toggle case for word at caret or selected block
Ctrl + Shift + ] / [ Select till code block end/start
Ctrl + Delete Delete to word end
Ctrl + Backspace Delete to word start
Ctrl + NumPad+/- Expand/collapse code block
Ctrl + Shift + NumPad+ Expand all
Ctrl + Shift + NumPad- Collapse all
Ctrl + F4 Close active editor tab
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