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Sunday, 16 February 2014

NetBeans IDE Keyboard Shortcuts - 3

In this tutorial we are going to see NetBeans IDE keyboard shortcuts for Open and Toggle between Views, and Debug operations.
This tutorials created for NetBeans IDE 7.4
Open and Toggle between Views
Ctrl-Tab (Ctrl-`) Switch between open documents by order used
Shift-Escape Maximize window (toggle)
Ctrl-F4/Ctrl-W Close selected window
Ctrl-Shift-F4 Close all windows
Shift-F10 Open contextual menu
Ctrl-PgUp / PgDown Switch between open documents by order of tabs
Ctrl-Alt-T Reopen recently closed file
Ctrl-Alt-PgUp / PgDown Toggle between editor types
Alt-Mouse Wheel Up / Down Zoom text in / out
Ctrl-Shift-S Toggle Inspect Mode
Ctrl-F5 Start debugging main project
Ctrl-Shift-F5 Start debugging current file
Ctrl-Shift-F6 Start debugging test for file
Shift-F5/F5 Stop/Continue debugging session
F4 Run to cursor location in file
F7/F8 Step into/over
Ctrl-F7 Step out
Ctrl-Alt-Up Go to called method
Ctrl-Alt-Down Go to calling method
Ctrl-F9 Evaluate expression
Ctrl-F8 Toggle breakpoint
Ctrl-Shift-F8 New breakpoint
Ctrl-Shift-F7 New watch
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