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Sunday, 15 February 2015

Comparing StAX with other XML parsers

In this tutorial we are going to see about Pull Vs Push parsing and comparing StAX with other XML parsing API like SAX, DOM, TrAX. This tutorial created by refer Oracle StAX documentation.

Pull Parsing versus Push Parsing

Streaming pull parsing refers to a programming model in which a client application calls methods on an XML parsing library when it needs to interact with an XML infoset—that is, the client only gets (pulls) XML data when it explicitly asks for it.
Streaming push parsing refers to a programming model in which an XML parser sends (pushes) XML data to the client as the parser encounters elements in an XML infoset—that is, the parser sends the data whether or not the client is ready to use it at that time.
Pull parsing provides several advantages over push parsing when working with XML streams:
  1. With pull parsing, the client controls the application thread, and can call methods on the parser when needed. By contrast, with push processing, the parser controls the application thread, and the client can only accept invocations from the parser.
  2. Pull parsing libraries can be much smaller and the client code to interact with those libraries much simpler than with push libraries, even for more complex documents.
  3. Pull clients can read multiple documents at one time with a single thread.
  4. A StAX pull parser can filter XML documents such that elements unnecessary to the client can be ignored, and it can support XML views of non-XML data.

Comparing StAX with Other XML Parsing APIs

StAX is not as powerful or flexible as TrAX or JDOM, but neither does it require as much memory or processor load to be useful, and StAX can, in many cases, outperform the DOM-based APIs.






API Type Pull, Streaming Push, Streaming In memory tree XSLT Rule
Ease of Use High Medium High Medium
XPath Capability No No Yes Yes
CPU and Memory Efficiency Good Good Varies Varies
Forward only Yes Yes No No
Read XML Yes Yes Yes Yes
Write XML Yes No Yes Yes
CRUD No No Yes No
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