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Monday, 10 July 2017

mkdir Create directory Linux Command


mkdir [options] directories

Create one or more directories. You must have write permission in the parent directory in order to create a directory. See also rmdir. The default mode of the new directory is 0777, modified by the system or user's umask.


-m mode, --mode mode
Set the access mode for new directories. See chmod for an explanation of acceptable formats for mode.

-p, --parents
Create intervening parent directories if they don't exist.

-v, --verbose
Print a message for each directory created.

Print help message and then exit.

Print version number and then exit.

-Z context, --context=context
Set security context in SELinux.


Create a read-only directory named personal:

mkdir -m 444 personal

The following sequence:

mkdir work; cd work mkdir junk; cd junk mkdir questions; cd ../..

can be accomplished by typing this:

mkdir -p work/junk/questions

Reference : http://www.linuxdevcenter.com
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