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Saturday, 26 August 2017

route - Linux Command


route [options] [command]
TCP/IP command. Add or remove entries in the routing tables maintained by routed. route accepts two commands: add, to add a route, and del, to delete a route. The two commands have the following syntax:
add [-net | -host] address [modifiers] del [-net | -host] address [modifiers]
address is treated as a plain route, unless -net is specified or address is found in /etc/networks. -host can be used to specify that address is a plain route whether or not it is found in /etc/networks. Using route modifiers, you can specify the gateway through which to route packets headed for that address, its netmask, TCP mss, or the device with which to associate the route; you can also mask certain routes. Only a privileged user may modify the routing tables.

If no command is specified, route prints the routing tables.


-A family, --family
Specify an address family to use with an add or del command. family may be inet, inet6, ax25, netrom, ipx, ddp, or x25.

-C, --cache
Perform command on the routing cache instead of the forwarding information base (FIB) routing table.

-e, --extend
Use netstat -r format to print routing table. Use twice to print extended information. Same as netstat -ree.

-F, --fib
Perform command on the forwarding information base (FIB) routing table. This is the default behavior.

-h, --help
Print help message, then exit.

-n, --numeric
Show numerical addresses; do not look up hostnames. (Useful if DNS is not functioning properly.)

-v, --verbose
Verbose mode.

-V, --version
Print version and configuration options, then exit.

Route modifiers

[dev] interface
Associate route with specified device. When the interface is given as the last argument on a command line, the word dev is optional.

netmask mask
Use netmask mask.

gw gateway
Route packets through gateway.

metric n
Set routing metric to n.

mss bytes
Set maximum segment size for connections over this route.

Cause route lookup for target to fail. Used to mask out networks from a default route.


Add a default gateway for interface eth0:

route add default gw dev eth0
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