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Friday, 1 September 2017

autoheader Linux Commands


autoheader [options] [template_file]
GNU autoconf tool. Generate a template file of C #define statements from m4 macros defined in template_file, if given, or in a configure.ac or configure.in file in the current working directory. The generated template file is almost invariably called config.h.in.


-d, --debug
Don't remove temporary files.

-f, --force
Replace files generated previously by autoheader.

-h, --help
Print help message, then exit.

-o file, --output=file
Save output to file.

-v, --verbose
Verbosely print information about the progress of autoheader.

-B dir, --prepend-include=dir
Prepend directory dir to the search path.

-I dir, --include=dir
Append directory dir to the search path.

-V, --version
Print version number, then exit.

-W category, --warnings=category
Print any warnings related to category. Accepted categories are:

Obsolete constructs.

All warnings.

Turn off warnings for category.

Turn off all warnings.

Treat warnings as errors.
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