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Friday, 1 September 2017

automake Linux Command


automake [options] [template_file]
GNU automake tool. Create GNU standards-compliant Makefile.in files from Makefile.am template files and can be used to ensure that projects contain all the files and install options required to be standards-compliant. Note that Versions 1.4 and 1.6 differ enough that many distributions include an automake14 package for backward compatibility.


-a, --add-missing
Add any missing files that automake requires to the directory by creating symbolic links to automake's default versions.

-c, --copy
Used with the -a option. Copy missing files instead of creating symbolic links.

Specifies project has a Cygnus-style source tree.

-f, --force-missing
Used with the -a option. Replace required files even if a local copy already exists.

Treat project as a non-GNU project. Check only for elements required for proper operation.

Treat project as a GNU project with the GNU project structure.

A stricter version of --gnu, performing more checks to comply with GNU project structure rules.

Print help message, then exit.

-i, --ignore-deps
Disable automatic dependency tracking.

Used with the -a option. Search in directory dir for default files.

Update only Makefile.in files that have updated dependents.

-v, --verbose
List files being read or created by automake.

Print version number, then exit.

Treat warnings as errors.
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