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RESTful Webservice (JAX-RS) Tutorials

  1. REST - Representational State Transfer
  2. Hello World RESTful Web service
  3. JAX-RS @PATH for URI
  4. JAX-RS Single Param with @PathParm
  5. JAX-RS Multiple Parameter with @PathParam
  6. JAX-RS QueryParam
  7. JAX-RS get QueryParam using @Context UriInfo
  8. JAX-RS @QueryParam with @DefaultValue
  9. JAX-RS @MatrixParam
  10. JAX-RS @FormParam
  11. JAX-RS Get HTTP Headers using @Context
  12. JAX-RS Get HTTP Headers using @HeaderParam
  13. JAX-RS XML Service using JAXB
  14. Download Text file using JAX-RS RESTful Webservice
  15. Download PDF file using JAX-RS RESTful Webservice
  16. Download image using JAX-RS RESTful Webservice
  17. Download Excel file using JAX-RS RESTful Webservice
  18. JAX-RS to Produce JSON using Jackson
  19. JAX-RS to Consume JSON using Jackson
  20. File Upload using JAX-RS RESTful Webservice
  21. JAX-RS @GET using RESTful webservice
  22. JAX-RX @POST using RESTful web service
  23. RESTful Java Client using HttpURLConnection
  24. RESTful Web service with Jersey Client
  25. RESTful Web service with Apache HttpClient
  26. RESTful Web service with RESTEasy Client
  27. JAX-RS RESTful Web service to consume JSON and Produce XML
  28. JAX-RS Send List using QueryParam Annotation
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